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New Animation In the Works

I'm very excited to share that I've been working on new animation for my Badass City series. As I worked on the two print volumes, I always thought that the characters, the city, and, more importantly, the story would translate so well into animation. While teaching 3D animation this semester, I ask all my students to create an animated short from beginning to end. I figured there was no better opportunity for me to begin the work on animating the badass city series.

Throughout the spring I worked in parallel with the class assignments, building 3D models of characters and city buildings. While I restricted my students to build a narrative no more than 120 seconds, I was not so kind to myself! I have spent long evenings and weekends building out the foundation for the city knowing that this will be a much longer series.

This week, I wrapped a quick video of the city streets and will hopefully post a short video of detectives Leo and Sparks next month!


New Animation In the Works