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Video Production Specialist

An artist with a passion for learning, I’ve spent more than 15 years working in video production with a focus on communication and education through media. A science geek at heart, I like to experiment with innovation and creative ideas to illustrate and communicate your ideas. 


Based out of the Washington DC metro area, most of my work has been on developing learning-focused shows and coursework for adult learners. I have produced more than 650 hours of lecture-based courses available online in the advanced sciences, mathematics, history, and personal development. I create and teach University and College-level classes on video production, storyboarding, 3D modeling, and 2D/3D animation.

But more importantly, I am a fun-loving father who is enjoying sharing my love of animation, sci-fi, and comics with family, friends, and fans. If you’re interested in professional services or want more information about how I can help you or your business, please get in touch today!

About Me : About

CV Highlights

Innovative media professional with expertise leading production, and post production teams.
More than 15 years experience in educational media and content development. 


  • Video production expertise including concept-creation, scheduling, video capture, editing, graphics, animation, studio direction, and fine art consulting/creation.
         Clients include: Digital Sandbox, May Dept. Stores, The Great Courses, Pixmation Studios, F22 Productions.

  • Exhibits and Events include: Baltimore Comic Con, AwesomeCon DC, Katsucon, Heroes Con

  • Publications include: Bounty 3KTwo Shots: A One Shot Comic; Badass City, vol. 1-2.  


  • Produce more than 650 hours of original programming with top experts in the sciences and humanities

  • Digitally enhance and supplement live-studio capture with audio-visual content including interactive graphics, 3D animation, and on-screen composite graphics

  • Provide write up on program’s visual elements, consult with marketing copywriters, and create course and company infographics for marketing materials

  • Record and digitally capture live studio performance and production field shoots

  • Manage project schedule, budget, and progress reporting


  • Build and animate 3D models

  • Serial Illustrations for video and book series

  • Logo design


Courses Taught: Experimental 3D Animation; Storyboarding; 2D Animation; 3D Modeling; Green Screen and Special Effects; Team Production


Master of Arts, Digital Arts and Animation, George Mason University, Fairfax Virginia
Bachelor of Arts, Computer Graphics, George Mason University, Fairfax Virginia

About Me : CV
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