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Zaxsite Booth at Baltimore Convention

What a great weekend! Thank you to all the fans and fellow artists for stopping by the booth, taking a look at the new work, and spending a fun-filled weekend letting me share my art with you.

During the lead up to conventions, there's a lot of work that goes into finishing projects and updating websites and cards, but most importantly, the conventions acts as a catalyst to focusing my attention. I can't speak for all artists, but I know that for myself, I'm always working on several projects simultaneously. One project is in final stages of post and beginning to ramp up marketing, while others are in early ideation phases consisting of rough animations, storyboards or draft scripts. Conventions force me to focus on what projects I will be showcasing.

And yes, it's always fun to spend a weekend with a couple of my favorite artists drawing commissions and talking about the art that inspired us. We each make sure to take a break from the table so that we can walk the aisles looking at fellow artists work. I leave each convention with names of a couple new artists I aim to follow, and maybe if the right project comes along, some day collaborate with. I become inspired and rejuvenated by the feedback I receive from fans and artists alike.

So again, thank you everybody who took the time this weekend to wander the convention center, looking at our art, reading our stories, and sharing your thoughts and comments on our work. As usual it was a ton of fun because of YOU, the fans. You guys rock :-)